The Nature Centre of Cabane de Moins

Located in the district of Breuil-Magné, north of Rochefort-sur-Mer,prairies humides paturées the site Cabane de Moins was established in 1988, thanks to the wishes of the Fédération Départementale des Chasseurs de la Charente-Maritime (FDC 17).  A natural environment made up of a patchwork of different land features, it is home to a vast range of biodiversity.  Its 150 hectares are classed as a hunting and wildlife reserve.

Plant and animal life inventories, ornithological studies (counting, ringing) and organised events for the general public are offered on this lively reserve.

This hunting and wildlife reserve aims to :

– protect the wet areas through conservation and maintenance of the canals, ponds and lakes.

– maintain the biodiversity with management techniques for sustaining water levels, late mowing and pasture.

– Scientific study of the biodiversity in collaboration with different scientific organisations.

– Control of invasive species ((regulation of nutria, uprooting of baccharis or groundsel)The site can be visited free of charge during opening hours, observatories are available to nature watch without disturbing the wildlife.  There are organised events all year round.


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